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Grading & Final Exams

MOS Grading Scale

A Outstanding performance 100 - 90
B Above average performance 89 - 80
C Average performance 79 - 70
D Below average performance 69 - 60
F Failing 59 and below
W/N Withdrawal - No Grade (Student withdrew from course with satisfactory performance.)
W/F Withdrawal - Fail (Student withdrew from course with unsatisfactory performance.)

Final Examinations

The purpose of the final examination is to validate student mastery of key course concepts and standards. MOS courses are designed to teach students to understand the powerful connections that surround reading, demonstrating comprehension and successfully mastering the course. The final exam is not the sole determiner of student achievement; however, students are required to take and successfully pass a final exam in most MOS courses.

In order to facilitate learning goals and academic integrity, instructors may, at their discretion, choose to administer discussion-based assessments and/or face-to-face exams.