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Every MOS course is taught by highly qualified, Michigan state certified instructors. Instructors and students interact regularly through Skype, FaceTime, email, voice mail, telephone conversations, and instant messaging. Students are encouraged to contact the instructor when there is a need of any kind. Instructors speak via telephone with students and their parents at least once per month.


Upon entering the course, students have access to ALL assignments, but access to tests or quizzes may not be available until certain assignments have been completed. Students move sequentially through the course but may be allowed to occasionally move ahead or test out of certain areas, pending instructor approval.


Every graded assessment is recorded in the student’s personal grade book, which is also available to parents/guardians. Routinely monitoring grades allows you to see your student's progress over time. All graded assignments and current overall grade average are available for viewing.


Each student is required to submit a specific amount of work each week to maintain the appropriate pace decided on by instructor and student. The number of required weekly submissions depends on the course taken. Instructors will work with students to accommodate individual schedules while emphasizing the importance of reading the material, studying the material, and understanding the various connections to previous course work. Failure to maintain pace results in warnings, reduced grades and, if unheeded, withdrawal from the course.


All MOS courses have a Pace Chart embedded in them. This allows students to know exactly what is expected to be submitted on a weekly basis, whether they choose a traditional or accelerated pace. Instructors assist students in modifying the chart to reflect their chosen pace.

Enrolling at MOS is Easy Enrolling at MOS is Easy!