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Course Specific Policies

Science Courses

Potential hazards exist in any science laboratory; however, accidents can be avoided if the student is familiar with laboratory techniques and laboratory rules are followed. Although most of the materials with which students will work in MOS science courses can be found in the home, even these items can cause harm if mishandled. By clicking the SUBMIT button during registration, students agree to read and abide by the safety rules and procedures in the MOS science course. By approving the course, the parent/guardian agrees to supervise the science experiments presented in the course. An MOS science teacher is available to answer any additional questions.

Advanced Placement Courses

Students must take the Advanced Placement Exam in order to receive Advanced Placement (AP) credit. Final grades for successful AP completions will be released after student participation in the May AP exam is verified. Students who do not take the AP Exam will be awarded Honors level credit for courses completed. A letter from MOS detailing each student's segment grade will be issued as course requirements are met.