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Why Michigan Online School?

Receiving a quality education is every individual’s first real job in life. By completing their high school education and earning their diploma, students demonstrate their commitment, focus, and work ethic to potential employers, vastly increasing their career opportunities.

Without a diploma, leading a fulfilling adult life is more challenging. In today’s modern, tech-centric job market, employers are less impressed by a GED than they were in previous years. Also, a high school diploma is a requirement for entering certain branches of the military, and even for branches that do not require it, the opportunities for advancement are significantly reduced for those without a diploma.

However, a traditional brick-and-mortar school doesn’t necessarily fit the needs of every student. For many, an online school is the best option to get the high-quality education they deserve. And for some, it might be the only option.

What can you do when a traditional, on-site school doesn’t work for you?

At Michigan Online School (MOS), we understand that our students need an education that is flexible enough to meet their unique situations, but that doesn’t sacrifice the quality or credibility of their learning.

Students choose MOS for many reasons. Our learners include...

  • Advanced students who go through curriculum rapidly
  • Students who read or learn at a slower pace than their peers
  • Teen parents who are balancing school and childcare
  • Those who have been expelled
  • Students who want to graduate early
  • Young people who have suffered from bullying
  • Individuals with social anxieties that impede learning
  • Students who are frequently on the move
    • Children in military families
    • Athletes who travel for competitions
    • Young missionaries
    • Young people in foster care

Do you recognize and relate to any of these situations? Do you know someone who does?

MOS can help. Our accredited, award-winning curriculum is delivered completely online, and our Michigan-licensed teachers are ready to support students outside of traditional learning hours. What this means it that our students have everything they need to reach for their future with both hands!

Enrolling at MOS is Easy Enrolling at MOS is Easy!