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Why Do Students Choose to Enroll in Michigan Online School?

Every year more students choose to study through online schools. Why ditch traditional brick-and-mortar programs for online learning? Here are the top reasons that students and their families choose Michigan Online School.

Michigan Online School

  • helps students get ahead and graduate early.
  • flexibility for students with unusual schedules.
  • provides the connections necessary to deliver the best in online learning.
  • lets talented students access programs not available locally.
  • allows students the opportunity to work at an accelerated pace.
  • helps struggling students get away from negative peer groups.
  • allows students to focus on their academics & avoid distraction.
  • lets students escape bullying.
  • helps students make up missed credits.

Where do you start?

  • Review the Course Information section to review course listings, course tours, course progression recommendations, and FAQs.
  • Sign up!

Michigan residents sign up here.

Enrolling at MOS is Easy Enrolling at MOS is Easy!