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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Michigan Online School? Is it accredited?

    Michigan Online School (MOS) is a public charter school providing middle and high school curriculum to Michigan residents, free of cost. All courses meet Michigan Department of Education academic standards and are provided completely online.

  2. Does Michigan Online School issue diplomas?

    Yes. MOS issues the Michigan Merit diploma for those students meeting graduation requirements.

  3. How much do Michigan Online School courses cost?

    Michigan Online School is free of charge to all Michigan residents, sixth grade through senior (maximum age of twenty at time of enrollment).

  4. Do students get actual live teachers?

    All of our courses are taught by State Certified Instructors certified in their fields. Teachers communicate with students on a regular basis by phone, email and online discussions.
  5. Do students need to purchase textbooks?

    All course materials are provided online. Should a particular course need any special text or materials, we will provide it. Materials are sent to the students, but the parent/guardian is responsible for returning them (if indicated) to the school once the course has been completed.

  6. How do I know what courses to take?

    To begin please visit our Course Progression page found here.

  7. Does Michigan Online School offer Honors Courses?

    Many courses may be taken for the Michigan Merit or the Honors credit track. For those seeking to complete the Honors track, you must notify the teacher of each course of your intention and the course will be set accordingly.

  8. How long do the courses last?

    Courses typically last between 16-18 weeks per credit. Enrollment is on a rolling basis and students may begin most courses at any time of the year. We are a year-round school and courses provide the entire spectrum of components required by Michigan.

  9. Can students accelerate and complete their diploma faster?

    Yes, you can! Students are given a traditional ‘pace chart,’ which provides students a plan for completing their assignments. The traditional pace is based on completing an average of two to three assignments per week, while studying three to five hours each day. Students may elect to accelerate their pace by completing more assignments sooner. This can result in early graduation, allowing the student to pursue a career or higher education sooner than a traditional school setting would offer.

Enrolling at MOS is Easy Enrolling at MOS is Easy!